Baron Hirsch Cemetery Update

The Baron Hirsch Cemetery requires that someone be present at the gravesites at least once a year in order to observe the condition. They are also requiring that we pay annual liability insurance and have someone available to administer the distribution of sites when they are requested. Technically, it is not a sale of a site but a lease of space that is owned by the cemetery. So, the Society can issue a permit for burial at a very low rate. If the Baron Hirsch takes this over, the cost would be as much as $2000 – 3000. With the Society involved the cost of using the site is minimal.  So we are making a desperate appeal to find someone who might be able to help in this. I am willing to personally volunteer to deal with the cemetery but can be sure of being able to issue the permit as well. We need a hand, someone who can issue the permit and coordinate things with the cemetery administration. It is not a lot of work and simply requires being the responsible party or parties (it can be more than one person).

If there is any way you can help us with this, please call me.  Peter Hoffman is saying that he can only manage this to the end of the month and it would be a shame if we had to give the rights to Baron Hirsch or let the State manage it.  Not a lot of work but a lot of naches in the end.

Alan Bernstein, President
Phone: 718-237-5744
Cell: 646-271-7335

New Photos from the Baron Hirsch Cemetery